Amazing PrEP focus group at The Q

You’ve probably heard us talk about the amazing volunteers we have at The Q and how vital they are toMpowerment. We like to share the cool work and events happening in our space so I just have to tell you about last night!

Texas Department of State Health Services conducted a focus group with our Core Group of volunteers to talk about PrEP and get an idea of the knowledge and conversations young MSM are having. We had 19 dedicated volunteers in attendance and they were ready to have a real conversation about PrEP. We heard about their own experiences with accessing PrEP, stigma, and concerns as well as what they hear from their friends and other sources like social media and hook up apps. The facilitators were blown away by the amount of knowledge, humor, honesty, and dedication to sexual health promotion in the room. I myself was speechless at times to hear how much these guys are not only getting from the Mpowerment Project, but taking what they learn to their own social circles. We were the first of several focus groups to be held throughout the state and the facilitators were in agreement that our guys have set the bar pretty high. I also want to thank the staff who were there to participate and support!

– Marcus Sanchez, Mpowerment Coordinator