Toros Y Tapas Host Appeal

Host Appeal

This party is made possible by hosts! And we are inviting you to be one.

Some of the hosts already committed are listed above, but we need many more – we need your creativity, energy, cheffing, money, and friends to make Toros y Tapas even more fun. Come on and join us. Add your name to the list of Hosts.

Hosts can participate by cooking tapas and/or donating money and/or donating wine or doing whatever it is you do to help us create more fun and add more $$$ to the Fund. All the hosts also invite their friends.

Please extend the invitation to your friends.

To host, just contact Lew Aldridge at 512-293-1250 or and send your tax deductible host donation (payable to ASA Paul Kirby Fund) to:
Lew Aldridge
609 A. Texas Ave
Austin, TX 78705.

We can also arrange for you to use your credit card for your host donation if you prefer.