The Head Octopi (HO) are the leaders of the Octopus Club. They serve in teams of two for one 2-year term. There are two teams of two serving overlapping two year terms, so that at any given time there are four Head Octopi, two in their first year and two in their second year. A Head Octopus is a volunteer like you who steps forward to lead our effort for a period of time. That is it. There is no Board of Directors, no paid staff, no office, no nothing except a resolve to raise as much money as we can to offer emergency assistance to our neighbors living with HIV and AIDS. AND to keep doing so as the need persists.


Lew Aldridge, The Founder

Michael Hulse

Kimmi Selinger

Allie Ochoa

Brian Carlson

Past Leadership

Flint Sparks
Tamara Chauncey
Linda McCarley
Susan Ghertner
Mary Black
Tricia Murphy
Sandy Rice
Greg Aker
Bruce Salzer
Humberto Rey
Debbie Groom
Greg Hand
Rory Reich
Kirk Rice
Stan May

Keno Ledano
Craig Ainsworth
Paul Bradshaw
Stephen Walls
Michael Mitchell
Jay Billig
Elton Goddard
Frank Garrahan
Snow Montemayor
Robert Perez
Marty Bender
Scott Ballew
Tim Young

Neely Rogers
Michelle Patterson
Mark Erwin
Arthur Landin
Rich Segal
Mark Fisette
Dale Atkinson
Mary Morrison
Summer McKee
Marcus Sanchez
Layne Box
Billy Brown
Mark Guerrero

Michael Hulse
Kim Selinger
Roosevelt Cevallos
Brian Carlson
Allie Ochoa
Dylan Paschal
Daniel Collins
Dee Frazier
Hunter Hagemann