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Toros y Tapas 
Saturday, July 11
at 8:00pm - 11:00pm
4000 Hyridge Drive, Austin 78759
at the home of Michael Rodriguez and Stephen Watkins
Toros y Tapas is our way of celebrating the Running, er shall we say "Swimming" of the Bulls...Instead of running for our lives down a street, dodging bulls in Pamplona, Spain, we will be relaxing IN or BY a gorgeous pool, enjoying tapas and wine in Austin, as well as a brief respite from the summer heat.

We'll be listening to Spanish ballads and disco and watching a live feed from this year's Running of the Bulls! And best of all, while nibbling, sipping, and dancing, we will be sharing with friends the warmth of knowing that this party is making a difference in the lives of our neighbors with HIV/AIDS – offering a helping hand when they need it most. Over the years Octopus Club parties and you have raised over $2.1 million!

Suggested contribution $25, $50, $100 or more. Every dollar goes to the Paul Kirby Emergency Fund at AIDS Services of Austin which provides emergency cash assistance to people living with the challenges of HIV/AIDS when they face a financial crisis. Your dollars will help them with the most basic needs like rent, utilities, food, even medications.

Hosts: Michael Rodriguez, Stephen Watkins, Mauricio Carranza, Charley Schumate, Jay Billig, Jeffrey Jungbauer, Billy Brown, Lew Aldridge, Jim Lommori, Candis Guidry, Sue Campion, Matthew Rogovein, Kathy Simon, Ahmed Fathalla, Bob Dailey and Doug Plummer.

If you are unable to join us, but would like to help, you can make a check payable to ASA – Paul Kirby Fund and mail c/o Lew Aldridge, 509 Oakland Ave, Austin 78703.



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What a great year we had and we want to thank everyone involved, volunteered, and help out the organizations. You can now see the end of year newsletter and is available for download.


Over 26 years of "fun-raising"!  Your octopus club parties have raised over $2 Million !  

Hard to believe that this year is almost half over! Seems like yesterday the Octopus Club was celebrating yet another AMAZING milestone: raising our $2 millionth dollar for the Paul Kirby Emergency Assistance Fund (Paul Kirby Fund) at AIDS Services of Austin (ASA)!Download our end of year newsletter to learn more.

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The Octopus Club to celebrate milestone in helping AIDS patients


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The Octopus Club couldn't do it without you

Anyone can have an Octopus Club party- ANYONE! Whether you plan to have 2 people attend or 200, any dollar raised for the Paul Kirby Emergency Fund is much appreciated. Almost all of the money in the Emergency Assistance Fund comes from Octopus Club parties and every year the Paul Kirby Emergency Fund is emptied. The simple thing to remember is this: Hosts and Corporate Sponsors must cover all party expenses, so that EVERY cent spent by guests attending your party contributes directly to the Paul Kirby Emergency Fund.

So, get some friends together and set up a roadside lemonade stand or rent out the Erwin Center and hire the Rolling Stones to perform. Either way, your party will directly help someone living near you with HIV and AIDS in need of a prescription, eye glasses, rent utilities or food - basic living needs.

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